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We are the largest and longest running group for Social Entrepreneurs in the Northwest. The first thing everyone asks is: What is a Social Entrepreneur?

A Social Entrepreneur is someone who is driven by a passion to make life better for others by starting a venture (for-profit, nonprofit, or hybrid) that measures success both by traditional financial metrics and another equally important metric which is the social impact the business actually brings to some segment of our society.

The purpose of this Meetup is to support anyone with the goal to create, grow or work for a social enterprise or small business. We primarily do this by holding fun, interactive events where we break into small groups and follow a fast paced but effective process which allows everyone to really get to know at least eight to ten of the attendees.

Everyone gets five minutes to share what they can do for others and what they need from others to move forward with their ideas, projects, and businesses. The point is to make what you say very brief and let the others give you feedback and suggestions so end up armed with a lot of new insights, resources, and connections.

Hundreds of people have attended and after a lot of experimenting and listening to feedback, we changed from having speakers or workshops to speed networking.  If you have been wanting to come, now is the time.

Covid-19 almost ended our seven year run, but recently Zoom updated their Breakout Room feature making it possible to hold our speed networking sessions once again.

I hope to see you at one of our Thursday 6pm Meetups online!

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